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120% Trading Mining, 90% dividend rate

InerEX implements a trading mining that allows users to mine in the easiest possible way, coins from incurred fees through coin trading inside InerEX exchange. Also, users will recieve up to 90% of the exchanger's profits that is proportionate to the number of coins(more than 5M REX).  Thirty percent of the commission revenue on the DOWMEX exchange is paid as a bonus.
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NATMIN (NAT) is available for Trading with inerEX on February 1.


We have developed a secure and trustworthy platform where buyers and sellers can transact, knowing their money is safe.


The major difference between Conventional and Decentralized Escrow is that with Decentralized Escrow, the blockchain and Smart Contracts are the Escrow company.

Benefits of using INEREX

  • Limited
    To create an account and begin trading you will only be asked to provide your email address.

    Verification is only required for large withdrawals over the daily limit.

  • Instant
    Withdrawals will be processed with in minutes of requests, allowing users to quickly withdraw their funds when they want at very low fees.
  • Community
    Voted Coins
    We will be listing coins that are voted by the community and in the future we aim to have most cryptocurrencies listed so you can trade all in one place.
  • Instant
    As soon as your deposit is confirmed you can start trading in seconds with no delay.
  • Lucrative
    Referral System
    If you invite users, they will get 10% of their transaction fee.
  • Privacy
    & Secure
    All of INEREX's transaction information is kept private with tight security.
  • Clear & Simple
    INEREX has a very clear and easy-to-use interface for trading.

Join us today!

Buy some Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to begin using the future of money.